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Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs (TIPPS)

TIPPS are a new generation of passive hearing protection for use in both continuous and impulse noise environments. Switchable modes ensure maximum levels of hearing protection at all times without affecting situational awareness noises such as voice commands and warning signals when in mission critical situations.

Closed Mode: Continuous-Noise Hearing Protection

(EN 353-2:2002)
SNR: 25 (H:27dB, M: 22dB, L: 20dB)

Open Mode: Impulse-Noise Protection

(ANSI S12.42-2010)
21db @130dB ISPL 29dB @150dB ISPL 33dB @166dB ISL
Mode Select Rocker Switch Select the mode without removing from the ear - Closed mode for steady state noise, open mode for impulse noise
Impulse noise attenuation Levels increase up to 168dB, maintaining sound in the ear at a safe level
Passive Operation No batteries required
Reusable Easy to clean, reducing the potential for infection
Selection of Sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
Eartip tag Assists with insertion and removal
Low in-ear profile No interference with headgear, eyewear or headsets. Compatible with earmuff as dual layer protection in extreme noise environments.
 Detachable flexible lanyard  TIPPS can be easily removed and retianed around the neck preventing loss.
 MTP Brown colour  Compatible with Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage. Other colours available
 Water resistant carry case  Maintains hygiene and protection when stored.