SkyRanger Firefighting Capability Showcased

On flagship tech BBC Click Programme

28 November 2018

Skyranger, the next-generation sUAS from Aeryon Labs, has been featured on the BBC's flagship tech programme Click (3m 45s), which explores the drone’s capability in protecting firefighters and providing an understanding of the spread of large blazes.
For the past two years, around half of the UK’s fire services have been deploying drones to give firefighters crucial intelligence on the nature and spread of fire. Provided through MCL, the exclusive UK reseller for Aeryon, Skyranger is used by a number of UK fire and rescue services including Lancashire, Greater Manchester, and Mid and West Wales.
Commenting within the BBC programme, Chris Rainford, Drone Safety manager at Lancashire Fire Safety and Police said: “Using the drone we can get an instant overview of a whole fire in less that five minutes, and start moving our machines and our firefighters around just like chess pieces – all controlled by drone footage. It also brings us a massive benefit in that we can see fires as they’re developing.”
The programme also highlighted the use of the drone in assisting searches for missing people, highlighting its ability to capture a high-definition image of a person’s face from half a mile away.
Skyranger builds upon the leading capabilities of the SCOUT, providing increased flight time, dual EO/IR payload, HD video and extended flight range. Using a touchscreen flight control interface and proven autonomous flight control software ensures reliable flight performance in harsh and dynamic environments.
Mark Harbin, Business Development Manager at MCL, said; “Skyranger is a cutting-edge technology and the compatibility it has with a broad range of payloads means its potential benefits for both civil and military organisations are vast. We’re proud to enable fire services across the UK to help save lives by supporting the wide range of complex tasks undertaken by firefighters throughout the country.”

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