Communication Headsets & Hearing Protection

Our range of tactical headsets, PTT's and handsets are interoperable with all major radio and intercom systems and are designed to meet exacting standards, rugged and reliable they are able to withstand the extremes of many environments.

MCL are the Sole UK Military supplier for INVISO products. For over a decade INVISIO has developed high performance, tactical headsets for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue teams.  All INVISIO headsets utilise the patented Bone Conduction Technology which offers unsurpassed communication in all environments.



Simple and lightweight control unit for soldiers with a single radio

The INVISIO V20 control unit is designed for soldiers with a single radio with one or two talk-groups. It is the smallest and lightest control unit available and powers from the connected radio. The INVISIO V20 is very intuitive and…

V60 Advanced Tactical Communications

The Ultimate Soldier Hub

The INVISIO V60 is the worlds smallest and lightest multi-communication control unit and is submersible to 20M. Connect, radios, remote PTTs and computers and work 4 com sources simultaneously.…

S10 Tactical Hearing Protection System (THPS)

Tactical Hearing Protection for the Dismounted Close Combat User

The S10 THPS DCCU capability is an in-ear hearing protection and communication system for use on a single radio and consists of an in-ear hearing protection headset with control unit housing the electronics for situational awareness and impulse noise protection.…

Vented Aviation Moulded Protection (VAMP)

Vented configurable hearing protection for Pilots and Aircrew

The VAMP in-ear communication device (IECD) system consists of a family of IECD's and helmet modification kits that can be used by Aircrew as part of a dual layer hearing protection system. Hearing Protection from high levels of potentially damaging…

TIPPS - Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs

The new generation of dual mode passive hearing protection

TIPPS are a new generation of passive hearing protection for use in both continuous and impulse noise environments. Switchable modes ensure maximum levels of hearing protection at all times without affecting situational awareness noises such as voice commands and warning…

M3s Single Sided Headset

IP68 Waterproof to 20M

INVISIO M3s utilizes the patented Bone Conduction Microphone. It has no external microphone and captures vibrations in the user’s jawbone converting them to crisp and clear sound.…