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Clear-Com Intercoms

Ensuring clear and reliable communications in diverse and dynamic environments

For over 45 years, Clear-Com has led the industry with high quality intercom solutions that meet the critical communication needs of the military, aerospace and government. Internationally recognized for the reliability and innovation of its voice communication systems, Clear-Com has been deployed in over 100 countries worldwide and has improved collaboration, bolstered high productivity and even transformed work environments.

The interoperability of the Clear-Com systems enhances teamwork and coordination. Collaborate easier and accomplish more, locally and globally, with a real-time link between as few as two people and as many as hundreds of users. Powerful and intelligently designed, the Clear-Com intercoms seamlessly interconnect with voice conferencing
technologies and a wide variety of communication systems via Ethernet/IP, fiber, MADI, T-1/E-1, POTS and radio interfaces.