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Data Controller 550

Router data controller for networking tactical radios

The ViaSat Data Controller 550 (ViaSat VDC-550) enables secure data networking using any combat net radio, linking warfighters on the tactical edge to the Common Operating Picture. Run net-centric web applications, send error-free data, and employ TCP/ IP services over existing radios, even over severely degraded radio channels.

Acting as an IP network interface, the ViaSat VDC- 550 overcomes half-duplex issues and is field-proven to handle IP connectivity on a variety of challenging radio channels including UHF satcom, UHF line-of-sight, VHF, HF and wireline channels. Additionally, it bundles IP packets for more efficient (less bursty) transmissions. With two ViaSat VDC-550s you can route IP traffic over a radio subnet, forming a bridge over the radio link between two LANs.

This data controller also uses native MIL-STD-188-184 for fast and reliable data transfer across existing radio links. It supports networks of up to 64 users per channel with point-to-point, multicast, and broadcast messages. Using powerful error correction techniques, it sends data over poor quality channels*.

The ViaSat VDC-550 can act as a gateway between TCP/IP networks and MIL-STD-188-184 networks. It works together with existing LAN-based mail and file servers to provide mail and FTP services to a network of VDC end point users who are using the ViaSat eMail® application software. The ViaSat VDC-550 is fully interoperable with current and legacy ViaSat Data Controllers.

Operating Modes Half Duplex, Full Duplex, Simplex
Channel Rate Up to 128 kbps
Channel Types SATCOM, LOS, HF, VHF, wireline
Data Interface Ethernet RJ-45 or DB-15 AUI; Serial DB9; USB 2.0
Power Input Voltage 18 to 38V, DB9 connector
Consumption 7.5 watts operation
Weight 3.25 lbs