Electronic Warfare

Sophisticated, scalable spectrum surveillance and Direction Finding processing capabilities, providing increased Situational Awareness (SA) to meet the requirements of the tactical user in a range of challenging operational environments.

MCL offers Ultra-Lightweight to Medium Lightweight capabilities based on the customers requirements for systems or sub-systems.


AN/PRD-13 V2

L3 Linkabit's manportable SIGINT system designed for tactical missions in a robust environment

The AN/PRD-13 V2 incorporates sophisticated RF intercept and Direction Finding processing capabilities into a low power, lightweight, ruggedised and reliable system that satisifes the most demanding applications and requirements.…

AN/PRD-13(V3) Tactical SIGINT System

A lightweight, manportable EW capability built on reliability, ruggedness and operator confidence

The AN/PRD-13 (V3) Tactical SIGINT System incorporates sophisticated RF intercept and DF processing capabilities in an intuitive and functional package.  The AN/PRD-13 (V3) providesd a low power, lightweight, rugged, versatile and scalable capability to support expeditionary actions. …

RDF-210 VHF/UHF DF Sensor

L3 ASIT Rapid Fire technology for Direction Finding and Geo-location

The RDF-210 is a unique solution for DF and geolocation missions.  L3 ASIT's RAPID FIRE technology allows the RDF-210 to independent proivde true line of bearing responses to DF task requests from 400 - 3000 MHz with an option to…

Blackstone - Body-Worn DF/TDOA System

Ultra-lightweight EW System

The DRS BLACKSTONE can rapidly detect and locate a wide range of threat signals, monitor signals of interest and support real-time analysis to provide mission critical intelligence to the EW/SIGINT Operator.  Lightweight and field programmable, BLACKSTONE can seamlessly attach to…

EFR-3 Frequency Extension Array

Designed to compliment L3 ASIT DF Sensors

The EFR-3 is designed to compliment L3 ASIT's line of DF sensors and antenna heads for frequency operations down to 20 MHz.  The EFR-3 is designed for easy mounting on a mast or tripod and is suitable for dismounted DF…