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AN/PRD-13(V3) Tactical SIGINT System

A lightweight, manportable EW capability built on reliability, ruggedness and operator confidence

The AN/PRD-13 (V3) Tactical SIGINT System incorporates sophisticated RF intercept and DF processing capabilities in an intuitive and functional package.  The AN/PRD-13 (V3) providesd a low power, lightweight, rugged, versatile and scalable capability to support expeditionary actions. 

AN/PRD-13 (V3) System Specifications
Frequency Coverage 0.5 - 3000 MHz DF and Intercept (Receiver), 2 - 2000 MHz with MA-445C
DF Accuracy 3 deg RMS Typical
Demodulators NBFM, WBFM, AM, CW, LSB, USB, 2ISB
Operational Battery Life 9 Hour battery life (fully operational)