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Blackstone - Body-Worn DF/TDOA System

Ultra-lightweight EW System

The DRS BLACKSTONE can rapidly detect and locate a wide range of threat signals, monitor signals of interest and support real-time analysis to provide mission critical intelligence to the EW/SIGINT Operator. 

Lightweight and field programmable, BLACKSTONE can seamlessly attach to a tactical communications radio for internode and section communications.  

Body-Worn DF/TDOA System
Frequency Range 2 - 3000 MHz
Modulation Types AM, Narrowband FM, Wideband FM, USB, LSB, CW
DF Accuracy 7 degs RMS (combined AOA + compass bearing error)
Internal Storage Up to 48 GB
Navigation Built-in map/navigation system within the BLACKSTONE GUI
Command and Control Via Android-based BLACKSTONE GUI