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SI-8649A/PFX Picoflexor Transceiver

The PicoFlexor Transceiver is a miniature tactical software definable radio (SDR) platform that integrates a transceiver with a high-performance SIGINT superheterodyne receiver in a single low-SWAP package.  Optimized to integrate with open SDR standards such as RedHawk and GNURadio, it can be used for both application development and field deployment.

Key Features

One SDR SIGINT Receiver:

  • 2 MHz – 3 GHz tuning range with 25 MHz bandwidth
  • ADC sample size 16 bits
  • Based on PicoFlexor RF performance

One SDR Transceiver

  • Transmit (TX) Receive (RX) channels
  • 70 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range with 56 MHz bandpass (coverage to 20 MHz)


Receiver Range 2MHz to 3GHz
Transceiver Range 70MHz to 6GHz