Our Signals Intelligence capabilities (SIGINT) comprising both Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Radar Electronic Support Measures (RESM) systems and sub-systems provide users with the capability to detect, collect, process and store.


CS-3001 Pulse Analyser Unit

Flexible, open architecture, VME-based high-precision radar signal measurement & analysis processor for use in ELINT/ESM applications

The Rockwell Collins CS-3001 Pulse Analyser Unit (PAU) is a VME-based signal processor that accepts IF and video inputs and provides deinterleaved digital pulse descriptor word (PDW) data for radar analysis, identification and direction finding (DF).  …

CS-3002 Dual Pulse Analyser Unit

Dual Pulse Analyser for high precision radar signal measurement & analysis

The CS-3002 comes with a powerful Java based GUI software designed to provide control of complex ELINT and ESM sub-systems over a LAN network.  …

CS-5027 Display Digitiser

Dual-window IF display digitiser

The CS-5027 Display Digitiser is used as a spectral presentation instrument for the CS-5020C Microwave Receiver as well as for other RF instruments. …

RC-5850 Fast Tuning Microwave Receiver

A high performance microwave receiver covering 0.5 - 18 GHz

The RC-5850 is a high performance microwave tuner built on the succes of the field-proven RC-5850, covering a frequency range of 0.5 - 18 GHz for demandin applications that require exceptional tuning speed and phase noise within a compact tuner.…

CS-5998 Ultra Wideband Microwave Receiver

An Ultra Broadband Microwave Tuner featuring a 2 GHz IF input

The CS-5998 is a 2 GHz bandwidth set-on microwave tuner covering the 1.5 - 18 GHz frequency tuning range. With a 2 GHz bandwidth centred at 3 GHz, the user can look at an ultra-wide IF anywhere within the microwave…

CS-6040 Microwave Receiver

High Performance Microwave Receiver brings next generation performance to COMINT / ELINT applications

High performance, super-heterodyne receiver for advanced signal detection and processing…