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CS-1040ABN Airborne Spinning DF Antenna

A versatile, high performance airborne spinning DF antenna unit covering 0.5 - 40 GHz

The CS-1040ABN antenna unit is an enhanced version of the CS-1040 spinning DF antenna accommodating a wider airborne termperature range  DC power and fibre optic control are provided by CS-1950 Antenna Interface Unit. 

CS-1040ABN Specifications
Frequency 0.5 - 2 GHz LPA, 2 - 18 GHz parabolic reflector, 18 - 40 GHz horn
DF antenna modes Spin, sector scan, point
Spin rate/DF search 0-200 RPM selectable
Size 50 cm diameter x 52.1 cm height
DF Spinner and Pedestal 36.8 cm eposed to slip stream for enclosure within customer's radome
Weight: Spinning DF 42 lbs
Weight: Pedestal 30 lbs
Power 48 VDC, 3.8 A (182 W)