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CS-3001 Pulse Analyser Unit

Flexible, open architecture, VME-based high-precision radar signal measurement & analysis processor for use in ELINT/ESM applications

The Rockwell Collins CS-3001 Pulse Analyser Unit (PAU) is a VME-based signal processor that accepts IF and video inputs and provides deinterleaved digital pulse descriptor word (PDW) data for radar analysis, identification and direction finding (DF).


CS-3001 PAU Specifications
Frequency Range Controls ELINT and ESM Sub-Systems up to 18 GHz
IF Inputs Accepts 160 MHz and 1 GHz IF inputs (21.4 MHz option)
Pulse Descriptor Words Stores 1,000,000 PDWIF Bandwidths
IF Bandwidths  500, 75, 25, 10 MHz IF bandwidths