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DPAU-4001 Digital Pulse Analyser Unit

Provides state of the art digital radar signal measurement and processing for modern radar emitter analysis.

The DPAU-4001 is a VME based signal processor that accepts IF inputs (or RF inputs with the RC-5850 option), and provides deinterleaved digital pulse descriptor words (PDWs), digital intrapulse and spectral data for analysis, identification and direction finding.  The DPAU-4001 builds on the highly acclaimed CS-3001 utilising the same SAT GUI software but using advanced digital receiver technology and digital signal processing for increased sensitivity, accuracy and selectivity. 

DPAU-4001 Specifications
PDW Data Frequency, Amplitude, PW, PRI, mod flags and AOA (when used with DF system)
Tipping Generates and accepts auto and manual tips of external ELINT/ESM systems
IF input frequency 1 GHz
Internal Reference Contains 10 MHz reference
Detection Bandwidth 500 MHz
Instantaneous Dynamic Range > 62 dB