Communication Systems

With hundreds of military personnel suffering from hearing damage, the UK Armed Forces recognise hearing protection is essential for all.
MCL supply the latest in hearing protection communications systems coupled with industry leading clear communications and 360° situational awareness. These technologies not only alleviate the problem of hearing protection but increase the effectiveness of military personnel in combat conditions.
With five contracts in place and over 50,000 systems fielded, MCL provide bespoke systems to Soldiers, Marines, Pilots and Aircrew.

Intercom Systems 1

Intercom Systems

The INVISIO Intercom System bridges the gap between the mounted and dismounted soldier, making it possible for multiple users and radios to connect simultaneously using their existing dismounted soldier system.The soldier can access all vehicle communications directly from their INVISIO…
S10 2

S10 PRR Control Unit

The S10 THPS DCCU capability is an in-ear hearing protection and communication system for use on a single radio and consists of an in-ear hearing protection headset with control unit housing the electronics for situational awareness and impulse noise protection.…

Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs (TIPPS)

TIPPS are a new generation of passive hearing protection for use in both continuous and impulse noise environments. Switchable modes ensure maximum levels of hearing protection at all times without affecting situational awareness noises such as voice commands and warning…