Uncrewed Systems

A man and two soldiers standing next to a robot, showcasing human-robot collaboration in military operations.

MCL is proud to support the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) and emergency services with our state-of-the-art uncrewed systems. By integrating advanced technologies, MCL equips today's forces with the robotic tools they need to perform their duties efficiently and safely. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that our uncrewed systems remain at the forefront of tactical and operational solutions.

Our uncrewed systems are trusted for their reliability and performance. Our systems include:

  • Advanced Surveillance and Reconnaissance equipped with full-motion video and other sensor payloads that provide an enhanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability.
  • Autonomous Navigation and Operation for efficiency and precision, our systems can navigate complex environments autonomously, reducing the cognitive burden on operators and increasing mission success rates.
  • Integrated Communication Systems ensuring seamless and secure communication between uncrewed systems and command centre, facilitating coordinated operations and rapid response.
  • Versatile Deployment that is adaptable to various platforms and environments, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from military operations to law enforcement and emergency response.

MCL provides advanced UxS products configured to deliver a variety of payload capabilities, including equipment designed for increased, secure situational awareness and specialist tasks. Our small UAS solutions save lives by providing real-time, secure aerial intelligence for public safety operations that range from search and rescue to emergency services and disaster response. Enhancing monitoring capabilities in high-risk situations, persistent surveillance and live multicast video streaming support decision-making by providing simultaneous observation to operators and command posts.

 Our First Person View (FPV) tactical UAS for kinetic effect also offer the warfighter unparalleled capabilities in the modern battlefield environment.