Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) equipped with full motion video and other sensor payloads provide an enhanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability. Utilising this capability, a Commander can access live data to effectively meet their information requirements and support a range of military and public safety organisations.

MCL provides advanced UAS products that are configured to deliver a variety of payload capabilities, including equipment designed for increased, secure situational awareness and specialist tasks.

Our small UAS solutions save lives by providing real-time, secure aerial intelligence for public safety operations that range from search and rescue operations to emergency services and disaster response. Enhancing monitoring capabilities in high-risk situations, persistent surveillance and live multicast video streaming support decision-making by providing simultaneous observation to operators and command posts.

MCL and our recognised industry-leading suppliers in radio frequency (RF) signal exploitation and geolocation development, offer a variety of ISR system capabilities for a wide range of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).