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Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Designed to be a multi-mission system, the E-RPV is a highly mobile infantry support platform for complex environments. In addition to its ISTAR and kinetic fire capabilities, the platform is capable of ad-hoc logistic support such as the stowing of personal bergens, casualty extraction and carriage of a range of other platoon equipment. The platform has a centre  differential lock and a transfer case with a high and low range gear ratio to effectively support Dismounted Close Combat operations. The suspension mechanism allows the E-RPV to move smoothly with reduced shocks to enable the onboard sensors to retain full functionality when detecting and identifying targets. 

The E-RPV’s main control system is the ‘Autonomous Manoeuvrability & Navigation Unit’ (A-Mav) autonomy kit which is a modular system that integrates state of the art algorithms, hardware, software and perception/navigation sensors to enable the operator to manoeuvre the platform in the following operational modes:

Drive Speed: Up to 20kph recommended. 

Ground clearance: 300mm

Gap crossing: 0.5m.  Fording depth: 0.75m

Incline climb angle capability fully loaded: 65% (36Deg). 

Side slope angle capability fully loaded: 45% (24deg)

Available bump deflection (mm): 400mm.  

Maximum payload load (in RPV configuration): 300Kg

Fully loaded total weight (in RPV configuration): Allowed < 2250Kg. 

Operational Travel distance: Silent mode 100km, Hybrid mode 300km

Operational hours: 180 hours. 

Emergency break distances: On road & overall weight 2250Kg.  At 10KmpH - 6m, At 20KmpH - 10m, At 30KmpH - 18m

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