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Spot is an agile mobile robot that can navigate terrain to carry out repeatable missions, such as routine inspections and data capture tasks. Controlled but unaided by humans, Spot reduces risk by carrying out its missions autonomously. The robot can also carry and power up to 14kg of equipment, including cameras to improve situational awareness and inspection abilities, or computers to run on-board analysis. This means that the technology is used for protecting and reducing risk, which helps keep people out of harm’s way. Boston Dynamics prohibits weaponisation of its robots or any uses designed to harm or intimidate people or animals. In this way, Spot embodies Boston Dynamics’ ethical principles.

Length: 1100mm (43.3")

Width: 500mm (19.7")

Height (Sitting): 618mm (24.3")

Default Height (Walking): 1037mm (40.8")

Max Height (Walking): 1127mm (44.4")

Min Height (Walking): 947mm (37.3")

Net Mass/Weight: 48.7kg

Load Carriage: 14kg

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