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Vented Aviation Moulded Protection (VAMP)

The VAMP in-ear communication device (IECD) system consists of a family of IECD's and helmet modification kits that can be used by Aircrew as part of a dual layer hearing protection system.

Hearing Protection from high levels of potentially damaging ambient noise is provided through a combination of attenuation from the Aircrew’s helmet earcup and the VAMP IECD.

The VAMP IECD is available in a range of configurations which can be selected according to the ambient noise environment and user need.  The factors determining selection of the appropriate IECD configuration are attenuation performance, preference for a custom moulded or universal fit earplug, use with a monaural or binaural Aircraft Intercom System audio feed and the type of type of helmet interface.

Hearing protection is provided when wearing the VAMP IECD by attenuation of the ambient noise through a unique patented acoustic filter incorporated into the earplug. The VAMP IECD filter has been designed to avoid over-attenuation leading to unacceptable isolation from ambient audio cues. It is understood that Aircrew are most effective and safe if they can still determine the nature of the noise during operation of the aircraft such as engines and rotor mechanisms. Users therefore require just enough attenuation so as not to exceed the noise exposure limit whilst still retaining situational awareness. The innovative design concept of the VAMP IECD product addresses this problem.

Vented Aviation Moulded Protection
Earplug Options Custom moulded soft silicone or Universal acrylic/silicone mix
Attenuation value range 27dB to 33dB SNR
Audio Feed Binaural and Monaural
Pressure release Vent bore to enable pressure release
Headset cable exit  Choice of top or bottom exit